Looking for something unique for your customers? We offer the opportunity to create your own line of faucets without worrying about the high cost commitments. Let your imagination flow and start designing.

Starting your own line is as easy as the following:


Concept Drawing / Inspiration Photo

We start the design process with a concept drawing or inspiration photo as reference. This gives our team an idea of the style of faucets you prefer.


2D Drawing

Based on your concept drawing or inspiration photo, our team of engineers will turn your design into 2D drawing with the changes you desire.


3D Drawing

Once the 2D drawing is finalized, 3D drawing is created for you to better visualize your design.


3D Mockup

Following 3D drawing, you will receive a 3D mockup of the faucet designed.


Samples and Final Products

You will receive 6 samples for each of the model designed in chrome finish. Time to order the faucet you designed in the finishes you desired at the low minimum ordered quantity of 60pcs.